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South Australia Mental Health Services

Ramsay Health Care (SA) MHS consists of the following 3 sites in Adelaide:
• The Adelaide Clinic, Gilberton - 56 beds
• Fullarton Private Hospital, Parkside - 35 beds
• Kahlyn Day Centre, Magill - Day only
Each site has its own unique profile and specialty.
The Adelaide Clinic is gazetted to admit adult involuntary patients (as well as voluntary psychiatric patients) and is affiliated with the University of Adelaide, sharing the Chair of Psychiatry position. There is a dedicated Drug & Alcohol Unit as well as a specialty multi-disciplinary Elderly Services program within the hospital. ECT services are available.  For further information please visit www.adelaideclinic.com.au
Fullarton Private Hospital  admits acute voluntary adult patients from 18-80+ years of age with mental illness. ECT services are also availabel at Fullarton Private Hospital. Please visit www.fullartonprivate.com.au for further details. 
Kahlyn Day Centre is a day only facility (Monday to Friday) and allows patients to follow up their acute admission, prevent admission or shorten the length of inpatient stay with group work (open and closed groups available for many ares of Mental Health).  For additional information, please visit www.kahlyndaycentre.com.au
Ramsay Health Care (SA) MHS is able to cater for all psychiatric patients (other than those requiring “Closed Ward management”) We have over 115 credentialed Psychiatrists across our sites.
All sites are fully accredited through ACHS.
We also have an extensive Community service for "in the home" care, pre or instead of admission, or post early discharge. All sites have Consulting Suites attached.
For more information about Ramsay Mental Health services go to www.ramsaymentalhealth.com.au
(Reviewed February 2017)


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