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Private Practice opportunities for Specialists...

As a stable business growing across the world, Ramsay Health Care is always looking for new Specialists to partner with us to establish their private practice.

There are a number of opportunities available across a wide range of specialties throughout Australia.

A partnership approach

Ramsay Health Care differentiates itself from other hospital operators through its decentralized management structure, which allows our managers to develop productive partnerships with doctors. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have built with doctors throughout the organization. Our hospitals are led by competent and experienced managers renowned for having an “open door” policy for doctors and staff.

Private practice...how does it work?

If you are looking to make your first step into private practice, here are the key things you need to know. Further support and advice is available to new Specialists at all Ramsay hospitals.

Specialists generate their own income by charging their patients a fee for their services – consulting or surgical work. Specialists are not employed by Ramsay Health Care, but are credentialed to admit their private patients to Ramsay hospitals.

In addition, Specialists are responsible for all costs associated with running their private practice, including staff costs.

To work privately as a Specialist, you must meet the following essential requirements:

  • Fellowship from an Australian speciality college or recognition as a Specialist as determined by the Australian Medical Council (AMC);
  • Credentialed/accredited to admit your private patients and/or undertake procedural work at the Ramsay hospital that interests you;
  • Registration to practice as a Specialist with the Medical Board of Australia;
  • Recognition as a Specialist with Medicare;
  • A provider number that attracts Medicare benefits for location/s of practice;
  • Appropriate indemnity insurance for the private work you will be undertaking

Marketing your practice to grow your business

We believe that building a strong relationship with our consultants is the most beneficial way for you to build your private practice and for us to grow our business. Ramsay hospitals all have strong relationships with the local GP community, developed through a programme of GP liaison which includes visits, communications, education and social events.

Ramsay Health Care is committed to providing support and direction in assisting you with strategies to market your new business. Specialists partnering with Ramsay Health Care benefit from our expertise in this area and are all offered:

  • Assistance with market research to identify your target market and potential referrers (GPs, other Specialists, allied health);
  • Letters of introduction to GPs in the community to assist with promoting your practice and establishing your referral base;
  • Participation in GP education evenings – a great way to meet GPs face to face;
  • Promotion of your business in hospital publications;
  • Inclusion in the Hospital Specialists Directory; and
  • Your profile and business promoted on the hospital website.


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